Hypoallergenic Laundry Detergents

Ideal from the first wash

Your baby will explore the world mainly through touching. Let them experience the sense of softness on their skin from the very first days. Put an end to allergies and irritation.
  • For babies
  • For people with allergies
  • For the entire family

Washing Capsules


Hypoallergenic all-round washing capsules,
for whites and colours

 Safe from first days of life
 Approved by the Institute of Mother and Child
 Formula based on natural soap
 Ease of use and measuring – 1 capsule = 1 wash
 Handy storage in a child-proof box
Dermatologically tested


Classic Washing Powders

Classic Powders

Hypoallergenic washing powders for whites and colours.
For children, infants and people with allergies.

Safe from first days of life
Approved by the Institute of Mother and Child
Clinically tested
Free of allergens
No phosphates, no optical brighteners, no artificial colours
Delicate and subtle fragrance that doesn’t irritate the respiratory tract
Highly efficient: 80 g of powder per 1 wash


Liquid fabric softeners

Delicate and Sensitive

Liquid fabric softeners.

Made for little ones – a hypoallergenic formula
Make clothes brilliantly soft
Delicate and subtle fragrance


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