wet wipes for babies



Hypoallergenic wet wipes

 Clean and care for your baby’s sensitive skin
 Reduce skin irritation and redness
 Leave skin fresh, clean and healthy
 Contain natural oils
 No alcohol, no parabens, no PEGs, no silicone
Fragrance-free – prevent irritation of the respiratory tract

Hypoallergenic Jelp wet wipes were designed to care for the sensitive skin of small children and infants. They make daily facial and body care easy, reduce skin irritation and redness and leave it fresh, clean and healthy. The wipes contain a delicate lotion with sunflower and linseed oil rich in vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids.

Jelp wet wipes don't contain harmful or dangerous ingredients such as alcohol, parabens, silicones or PEG substances, making them absolutely safe even for children with skin allergies. In addition, the fragrance-free formula doesn't irritate the baby's respiratory tract.

Available in pack sizes:

  • 20 pcs,