fabric Family



A fabric conditioner for the entire family

 Delicate formula that doesn’t irritate skin
 Leaves clothes brilliantly soft
 A subtle fragrance that envelops clothes
Economical pack for multiple washes

Jelp Family fabric conditioner was designed for the entire family. It was dermatologically tested and its hypoallergenic formula, with no artificial colours or strong fragrances, is safe for the sensitive skin of small children and infants as well as adults susceptible to skin irritation, allergies or AD.. The conditioner leaves clothes brilliantly soft to guard sensitive skin against irritation.

The large bottle makes Jelp Family fabric conditioner an ideal and economical solution for large families - one bottle will last for a long time and let you enjoy beautifully soft fabrics all this time. The product has a subtle fragrance that doesn't irritate the respiratory tract and makes it suitable for asthmatics.

Available in pack sizes:

  • 3 L