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Kosmetyk dla noworodka

Skin care products for newborns

There is a wide array of skin care products designed for babies. Colourful packs with a happy baby on the front catch our eye and entice us into buying. But mums know that shopping for baby products shouldn’t be based on knee-jerk decisions – it should be a well-thought-out process. After all, it is your […]

PDF lista do pobrania

Layette set for newborn baby and mum [LIST]

The quickly approaching due date is an exciting time for parents-to-be – soon they will welcome their sweet baby in the world. It is no surprise then that this important moment requires careful preparations well spread out in time. One of the most important steps is to complete a layette set. What will the future […]

Chemia bezpieczna dla maluchów

Baby-safe laundry detergents

The arrival of a new family member changes all aspects of our lives. The same goes for laundry – you need to remember to set the right temperature of water, to choose special, delicate laundry detergents, to sort the clothes by colour and to adjust the size of loads to the size of the drum. […]

Baby skin

Skin is a special body part that fulfils a number of functions: it guards the body against the negative effects of external factors, it plays an important role in respiration, thermoregulation, excretion, water management and immune processes. It is an important sense organ – especially for a newborn baby that is to explore the world […]

Dziecko z AZS

AD in babies

The sensitive baby skin is exposed to a number of factors that can cause irritation. One of the most common conditions in babies is atopic dermatitis (AD) which affects nearly 20% of children in Poland. The cause of the disease is as yet unknown, but the symptoms are characteristic enough to identify AD and start […]

Pranie i prasowanie ubranek dla dzieci

Washing and ironing baby clothes

Washing baby clothes for the first time can be challenging for new parents. What kind of washing powder should you use? Should you use a fabric conditioner? What about ironing delicate fabrics? Your baby’s skin requires special treatment which is why you should keep in mind a few ground rules.

Pierwsze pranie maluszka

First wash

While awaiting the arrival of their baby parents complete a layette – clothes, a bed, a collection of baby care products. But that’s not all – it is equally important to prepare yourself for the first wash. JELP experts explain which substances found in standard detergents should be avoided and what you should do to […]