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Baby-safe laundry detergents

Chemia bezpieczna dla maluchów

The arrival of a new family member changes all aspects of our lives. The same goes for laundry – you need to remember to set the right temperature of water, to choose special, delicate laundry detergents, to sort the clothes by colour and to adjust the size of loads to the size of the drum. How not to get lost in the maze of baby-safe laundry detergents and washing methods?

Laundry basket with a baby in it

Washing powder, gel or capsules?

The choice of the best product is a matter of convenience and depends on the type of stains. Remember that laundry detergents should be delicate to avoid irritation of your baby’s sensitive skin. What are the differences between particular types of detergents and how to pick the best one?

  • A delicate washing powder – special washing powders designed for washing baby clothes don’t contain irritating ingredients, they are gentle on the skin and have a subtle fragrance that doesn’t irritate the respiratory tract of newborns and infants. Washing powder is an economical choice as it is highly efficient. On the other hand, you need to be careful not to use too much of it – otherwise there will be residue powder after rinsing.
  • A good idea is to use a washing powder with a fabric softener that will make your baby’s clothes soft and gentle on the skin. This is an innovative solution – fragrance-free powders are a guarantee that the only fragrance the baby smells is their mum’s fragrance increasing their sense of security.
  • Washing liquids or gels – they easily dissolve in water which makes them ideal for hand washing delicate fabrics.
  • Washing capsules – they are extra easy to use. You don’t have to worry about the right amount of detergent as one capsule is designed for one wash. The capsules are gentle on the baby’s sensitive skin, they are easily rinsed and leave no traces on the clothes. In addition, they are easy in storage inside a child-proof box.
  • In case of tough stains on baby clothes you should resort to a special stain remover that will be gentle on the skin and safe for the environment.

Washing temperature

When deciding which washing machine temperature will be best you should first consult care labels. Depending on the fabric, the right water temperature may range from 30°C to 90°C. To keep delicate fabrics safe you need to remember a few ground rules:

  • You may wash heavily stained bibs and cotton cloth diapers in high temperatures – even up to 95°C
  • All items that come into direct contact with baby’s skin should be washed at 60°C. This will guarantee that all bacteria and acari are eliminated
  • Outerwear, blankets, bedding or clothes of bigger children should be washed at 40°C
two childrens


What about fabric conditioning?

The use of a fabric softener isn’t mandatory.However, if you want your baby’s clothes to be soft, you will need to find a softener designed for babies. It has a more subtle fragrance and is hypoallergenic – it won’t cause skin irritation. You should follow similar guidelines when choosing a fabric conditioner. This sort of detergent will remove residue washing detergent from clothes. In such a case you can rinse your laundry twice.

Loading and sorting

The drum shouldn’t be overloaded – there must be some spare room for the clothes. This will let you avoid crumpled clothes and eliminate all stains, microorganisms and residue laundry detergent. What else is important? Use a special programme for washing baby clothes and, whenever you have a small load, remember to use an economical ‘half load’ programme.

It is important to sort the clothes. This can be avoided with newborn’s clothes as they usually all have delicate pastel colours. But how should you wash and sort clothes of infants and children? Whites should be washed in high temperatures, colours can be washed at 30-40°C. The clothes should be sorted by colour intensity:

  • Whites (subtle coloured elements are acceptable)
  • Lights (you can wash light grays, light blues, light pinks, etc. together)
  • Darks (remember that you need to sort out clothes in contrasting colours)
  • Blacks

And finally, the most important and basic rule – don’t wash baby clothes with adult clothes. You need to do two separate washes. Good luck!