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Skin care products for newborns

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There is a wide array of skin care products designed for babies. Colourful packs with a happy baby on the front catch our eye and entice us into buying. But mums know that shopping for baby products shouldn’t be based on knee-jerk decisions – it should be a well-thought-out process. After all, it is your baby’s health, comfort and safety at stake.

Less means better

To begin with, you must know that every child reacts differently. You can’t predict which skin type your baby will have. Sometimes you will need to make several attempts before you find the right product. Sadly, there are no ‘cosmetic certs’ – products that are sure to work for every child. This is why you should prepare  a layette  with reason and moderation. Limit your shopping to indispensable items, monitor your baby’s reactions and gradually include more baby care products. You learn about your baby’s body during the first months of their life. The fewer baby care products you use, the easier it is to identify the cause of irritation or allergy. Start with small packs – you can move on to bigger ones once you have made sure that the product is good for your baby.

The principle of ‘less means better’ refers to the ingredients of baby products. The shorter the list of ingredients, the greater the tolerance of your baby and the smaller the risk of irritation. More about safe ingredients in cosmetics, cleaning products and clothes here..

In baby care products safety should go above everything else


What to look for on a baby care product packaging:

Naturally, you have the greatest chance of success if you choose products of popular and recognised brands. However, you shouldn’t skip analysing ingredients just because you see a popular brand logo. In baby care products safety should go above everything else, which is why you should search the label for the following information:

  • Approval – baby care products should be approved by at least two bodies: the National Institute of Hygiene (to acknowledge the compliance of the list of ingredients with the actual ingredients found in the product) and a body such as the Children’s Memorial Health Institute or the Institute of Mother and Child (in which case such body assumes liability for ingredients and safety of the product).
  • Suitable for children under 3 (it is best to use products designed for use from first days of life – such information is usually displayed on the front of the pack)
  • Is the product hypoallergenic
  • Ingredients
  • Expiration date

Baby care products should be pH neutral. They shouldn’t contain any colourings, fragrances or foamers.

Must-have baby care products

You can prepare basic essentials even before your baby arrives. These should include:

  • Bath wash – a delicate soap or an emollient (a bath gel or liquid) with vitamin E and a moisturiser that clean and moisturise skin leaving behind a protective layer
  • Delicate baby shampoo (recommended especially for babies that develop cradle cap)
  • After-bath baby oil or lotion – to moisturise dry and scaly skin
  • Diaper rash cream (ideally with zinc oxide or D-panthenol)
  • Powder – to sooth irritation and prevent friction
  • Baby wet wipes – useful during diaper change or for wiping baby’s hands or face during a walk. We recommend JELP wet wipes.
  • Baby sunscreen SPF 50 – for use every time you take your baby out, it guards against sun and cold (during the winter a sunscreen without water)


The skin matures until the baby is four. Yet, it is most sensitive and requires greatest care during the first year of life. If your baby has shown no tendency to develop allergic reactions or other skin problems,  after a year you can start using ‘standard’ cosmetics, i.e. for which an approval might not have been issued. Still, these should be pH neutral products designed for children, and they should be introduced gradually and with care. Don’t stop monitoring your baby’s skin – if there are no adverse reactions during the first 3-4 days, it means that the product is safe and good for your baby.