JELP 1+ hypoallergenic laundry detergent for colours 2.24kg

The hypoallergenic JELP 1+ powder is intended for washing coloured underwear, clothes and accessories of children over 1 year of age. Its unique formula ensures the safety of the baby’s delicate skin, while its subtle scent does not irritate the respiratory system. JELP 1+ powder is designed to remove the stains on the clothes of young children who learn to eat, walk and use the toilet. The skin of these babies still needs special care, but the stains on the clothes are very different from those of infants. JELP 1+ combines gentleness and efficiency. The powder is intended for automatic washing machines and for handwashing.

Version for colours.

Composition for the above products:

  • 15-30% zeolites
  • 5-15% oxygen-based bleaching agents, anionic surfactants
  • <5% non-ionic surfactants, soap, polycarboxylates, fragrance compositions


  • 2.24 KG 28 washes